Friday, September 13, 2019

First Open House

The first open house for the public was held Sunday, October 23, 2011 from 1-4.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Newest Scenery Work

Here are some shots of scenery I am doing for gentleman in Martinsburg, WV.
My work goes amazingly fast and is non-toxic and not dusty! Plus things dry in about 24 hours. AND, scenery can be more easily modified than with conventional construction methods.

Rate for the artistry is only $45 per hour plus transportation costs and materials.

Crude removable tunnel with start on modifications.
 Resulting tunnel created by Lee Scott in less than two hours!
 Scene along siding with Lee's custom ground scenery materials.
Long stretch of rocky terrain separates two levels of tracks.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Weathering of Structures Using Craft Paints

I use acrylic craft paints thinned with water to achieve "weathering" effects on plastic buildings.  This MTH station is shown with the front weathered and the shiny plastic end yet to be treated.

Now we see how the finished building looks.  Using the craft paints, you can bring out details in the molded plastic that you might miss otherwise.  The RR express sign was cut from a catalog for metal signs.  The station platform was made to look like wood by using two different colors of craft paints and mixing them on the plastic.

Town of Brookeville

Most of these buildings are for sale now at very good prices!  

 Buildings are from various sources, including Dept. 56, craft stores, Target, and many other places.  Click on the photos to enlarge.

Modeling in winter makes some things easier.

Bedford Garage came from Target one year. That's a Winross UTZ truck out front.

Diecast model cars look great in this scale!

Those row houses came from Value City. They fit nicely into the narrow area that was left near the mountain.

The largest city block with 6 buildings. Not sure where I found that record store.

The town looking down from the mountain.

A cop keeps an eye on the night club scene. Some weird looking characters around.

Looks like the California Zephyr is arriving. That's Main Street in the background.

Larger shot of main street.  All buildings are lit with LEDs.

    The control tower was made from an O-scale kit and weathered.  There are men inside and a switching control area using a comb for the levers.

Double sided adhesive foam strips were cut for window shades.

Lamp posts are old American Flyer and work.

You can see the mountain at the end of Railroad Ave.

Looks like this driver had a problem!

Boy is selling papers outside the Dept. 56 Globe newspaper building.

Buses are diecast with interiors - not quite S-scale, but close enough!

That's an Edsel with its hood up!